july 4

a little girl with pink, chickadee jammies was staring at me at 3:oo in the morning last night (if that makes any sense). and yes, per usual, it was initially terrifying.

because i can’t seem to resist her frizzy head wanting to snuggle up in our bed at night (which she is well aware of),

i let her snuggle in.

which usually results in ben migrating to emri’s little, butterfly twin bed for the rest of the night as emri and i stretch out and get comfortable.

its not really fair to him, is it?

this morning i told emri that she cannot get in bed with us anymore. this was our conversation that followed.

“mommy did you sleep good?”

“no, i didn’t”

“oh, i’m so so so so berry sorry, mommy. i just wanted to snuggle you for a berry long time lastnight.”

really? what am i supposed to say to that? how do i say no? i think i’ve been had by my 3 year old.


fourth of july was fun. here are some pics from the weekend.




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3 thoughts on “july 4

  1. Oh that is so sweet. and manipulative. 🙂 I have a feeling that’s in my future. Right now, Lila is wailing, “My Mommy! My Mommy!” from her crib. It’s really hard to ignore her, especially when it makes me feel so wanted and loved! But I keep telling myself that as soon as I go in there she’ll be all, “rock? book? doggie? milk? Lambie? bink? brush teeth?” without a tear in sight. They certainly do know how to push our softy buttons.

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