little latte land dancing

last night ben, emri, and i went do latte land. ben and i were enjoying our time chatting drinking coffee while emri was off playing on the fireplace, i mean stage…Β  we soon notice her dancing. i had to very stealthily take out my phone in an attempt to record her performances, knowing very well, that if she were too see my phone, she would stop. ben and i tried our best to pretend we weren’t watching as i hid my phone.

please note the coffee stirrer she uses in her routines.


15 thoughts on “little latte land dancing

  1. That’s my grand daughter!!! She has the moves that her Grandpa from Indiana had and lost a few years ago.
    She is making us proud!! Sure do love her!

  2. Oh my word, she’s the cutest thing ever! Watch out for those hips, though. She’s got a pretty natural body roll already going on…and I didn’t even have to be there to teach her! πŸ˜‰ I miss the Myers in my life!

      1. i’ll do it with you ker. we’ll both look redic together. or awesome. yes. we’ll both look awesome together πŸ˜‰

  3. that is exactly the dance i did for glenn on the beach when we were on captiva island in july, but mine did not have the wink (at about 28 seconds) BUT i did have a cartwheel so i think we are about even.
    such the cutie. loved this.

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