coops and such

so after losing our chickens to the wild street of madison ave, animal control, and our dear neighbor’s yard,

we decided it was time to build a chicken coop.

if there has ever been a question as to whether or not ben and i are farmers, its been settled.

we are farmers.

because we have a coop. duh. that makes us farmers. totally. we even grow our own lettuce and stuff.

so i’ve posted some pictures of our chickens and ben constructing the coop…in the scorching heat…get it done, babe.

emri is in love with the coop because its also her pretend house and i think she might even be pretending that the chickens are her kids. rach and reebs, if you are reading, remember when we used to pretend we were feeding the chicken’s at grandmas house for hours? hmmmm? dream come true.

ben was so precious. he picked out a handle for the little door to the coup. he said he picked a handle he thought i would like. and its true. i like it a lot.

so here is our coup and our chickens. emri has named them elizabeth, lizabelle, and bitsy. however, ben has refused the name elizabeth for one particular chicken. his favorite chicken. …the one with white specks around her neck, for which he has reserved the name, grommet.


here are the girls…



and bitsy

and here is that sweet little door handle… and the makings of our chicken coup.

pretty, huh?


and there you have it. our chickens and their new house.


3 thoughts on “coops and such

  1. Love the handle…and that Ben thought to do that for you. Oh…and Grommet. Balazs’ favorite chicken (at his dad’s) is “Little Rock”.

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