miss jordanne bonfield

a good friend of mine just turned 30. miss jordanne bonfield.  emri and i had the special privilege of making her a cake. actually, i made her a cake while emri went coo coo over the purple frosting. i really enjoy the whole cake decorating thing. i’m hoping that one day i’ll become fantastic at it. it used to be a dream of mine to maybe run a business out of it. but for now, i just really enjoy doing it for friends and family. its such a fun way to celebrate someone. and i think that alone makes it really fulfilling for me.

jordanne is someone i really look up to. she has such a sweet, gentle spirit…but don’t be fooled. she can kick some serious tail when in comes to living out her calling, stepping into her identity, and slugging it out in the Kingdom of God. she is someone you want on your team.  because she is gracious and strong all rolled into one. and ben, emri, and i are all quite fond of her.

i got to snag a picture of jordanne and her little sister, while celebrating her 30th. also included are a few shots of the makings and final result of her birthday cake.

happy 30th birthday, jordanne. enjoy being thirty, you little ninja.


3 thoughts on “miss jordanne bonfield

  1. Aril and I took a cake decorating class at Michaels. It was so fun and we learned a ton! Maybe you could do that! You already have talent so I bet you would be the best in the class!!!!!

  2. Well, I’ll be. What in the world is this all about!? Love you! And that cake caused me to gain 5 pounds this month, fyi. That and OFA beanie weanies.

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