he’ll cut off your neck

oh dear emri.

i just ran to my computer and logged onto wordpress so i don’t  forget any word of the conversation i just had with emri.

she’s on the potty- irritated that she’s not getting to sit on her tinker bell seat which is way too small for her. when she has to go potty, she will go in her room and grab a toy before hitting the bathroom. this time the toy was a miniature whisk from her kitchen, two cupcake wrappers, and a jewel.

the deal is, i’m not going to sit in there while she plays with her toys and poops. it’s just…. boring for me. bottom line.

so emri was pretty upset that i told her i wasn’t going to sit in there with her. and her annoyed/irritated/offended reactions are getting way too mature for a 3 year old.

my ears were stunned at the words coming out of emri’s little mouth. i sat there next to the potty with emri wide-eyed, trying not to laugh. she certainly wasn’t. i told myself to hold it together at least for the next 30 seconds.

here’s our conversation:

“emri, if you want to stay in here and play you can, i’m just not going to stay in here with you.”

“but MOM…stop saying that.”

emri do not tell mommy to stop.”

mom, if you say that one more time, God is going to cut off your neck.

and he’s really serious.

he said it twice. so you better do it.”


she is wide-eyed and serious as can be. i too, am wide-eyed. trying desperately not to laugh. maybe not as concerned as i should be that she thinks that God would actually cut off anyone’s neck…where in her little life would she gather that God cuts off necks.

our eyes are locked. neither of us are cracking a smile.

usually when this happens we are staring at each other for what seems like an eternity. me, buying time to sustain my composure. one wrong move might send me into laughing.

we discussed it in a very serious tone. apparently a little boy in her swim class last week, not to mention any names…ahem… told her that if she didn’t blow bubbles in the water with the rest of the class, God would cut off her neck.

she must have tucked that away to use later.

oh dear.

we also just got back from ozark family adventure with heartland community. perhaps one of the best weeks of emri’s life. … a great week. really. pictures to come.

in other recent emri events, emri insisted that she wear a belt over her jammies the other evening before bed.

i knew my family would appreciate this because this is exactly what i used to do when i was a little girl.

so here is a picture of emri in her jammies and a white “belt” which was actually part of our curtains.

she did this all by herself. who taught her how to tie knots? i didn’t know she could do that. she’s a freaking genius. 😉 but aren’t all 3 year olds? yes. they all are.

please enjoy my crazy kid. she would not stand still for a normal picture. here is what i got after asking her to stand still and smile sweetly.


One thought on “he’ll cut off your neck

  1. love the belt. and the fact that her shirt says “Cancun” on it. And that she’s making those faces. She’s a wild child.

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