5 years worth celebrating

6 and a half years ago i met ben at a little coffee shop called the european cafe.

this is what it looked like

6 and a half years ago i bought a baby snake.

it looked like this

 i brought my new snake to the european cafe to show my friend wendolyn who owned the store.

it was there that i handed ben my snake and we exchanged names for the first time.

this is what crushing on each other looked like 6 years ago.

this is what engaged looked like

but it really looked more like this

this is what kissing looked like after ben’s dad pronounced us husband and wife

this is what being married looked like 5 years ago on our wedding day

this is what the joy of commitment looked like

this is how we celebrated

there are a few things that i’m really proud of in my life. and one of them would be the covenant relationship i have with my husband.
our love doesn’t always come easy. but its a choice and we work hard for it.
i wouldn’t want to journey through this life without him.
i adore him.
happy anniversary.
here’s to 5 years worth celebrating!

13 thoughts on “5 years worth celebrating

  1. Geez. I teared up. what the heck. i must be feeling emotional today. Either that, or i just love you guys so much i cry when i think about how awesome you are and how i hope my life looks like yours. Lets go with number 2.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Love this! Makes me want to dig out old pictures of Eric and I dating. And I also love that you have a label for “chickens.” I was kind of hoping for one last picture with “this is what life looks like now” and the three of you each with a chicken on your head. 🙂

  3. i think the fact that all 3 kahler gals are commenting on this says that we are myer family fans. thanks for showing us your love for each other, your community and your God so well. it is simply a joy to be a part of. blessings and more blessings! congrats!!!

  4. Yay for marriage!…particularly yours. Super happy anniversary Ben and Kerri. Looks like you’ve got A LOT of fans. 😉 …at least people who like celebrating you. Love from Cali.

  5. Love this. I remember you telling me about him when you were in SD for a few weeks in 2005. Wondering if something may come of it.. And look at you now. Congrats!! 🙂

  6. You know, deep down I thought he was just in it for the snake… I’m so glad I was wrong!

    I’m also glad that I stumbled across this blog. I always love to see what’s new with the Myers family. Give Benny boy a smootch for me will you? Miss you guys dearly

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