the kitchen

i told my family that for dinners they need to be in the kitchen with me helping me. i have this dream of the kitchen being a central place for us.

that we would learn how to eat well together and cook together.

all the while, sharing our small, little kitchen table and talking about our day as we fill our bellies with good things.

 is this too lofty of an idea?

 the other night we cooked mediterranean. ben, grilling chicken…and emri going crazy making her “pepper cake”. as soon as she started asking me to take a bite of her concoction, i grabbed my flip camera.

i hope we enjoy more crazy moments like these in the kitchen. it is not uncommon for ben and i to break out in song while being in the kitchen. i think we might be rubbing off on emri. poor girl.

oh, and be prepared to see em in her undies. i’m sure she will have serious words for me one day for posting this.


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