take your beard off please.

so ben and i argue you a lot about his beard. we kind of laugh and whatever,

but seriously ben, sometimes shave your beard. once every year on valentines day isn’t good enough.

its just so…bushy.

and then there was the time that he dribbled ramen noodle juice in it and the smell just stayed. and he kissed me and the smell scarred me.

i think i’m over it.

its almost like i hear God saying,

let the man grow his beard.


so it grows. and grows. and grows. and grows. and his mustache is actually curling into his mouth.

and he twists his mustache on each side until he has two torpedos sticking out in either direction.

but whatever.

i love him anyhow.

our family of three went out on a date tonight per emri’s request.

its so easy peasy having one child. don’t get me wrong. i long for more kids. i want a quiver full. but let me tell you, one little three year old is cake….most of the time.

as we are driving home from our family date, emri is quietly fake whimpering in the back. she does this on a daily basis. quiet, fake whimpers. mostly when she’s tired.

so she’s sniffling in the back and here goes our coversation.


emri, what’s wrong?


i…uhm…sniffle, sniffle..i just want you to take your beard off. i just want you to take if off like your wedding. and you won’t. you never will.”


kerri, did you tell her to say that?



perhaps one of the best conversations with emri that we ever did have.

so we pull into blockbuster for a movie. em ย and i stayed in the car. i tried my best to recap the conversation with my camera. those don’t always go so well.

but here you have it.


4 thoughts on “take your beard off please.

  1. SO handsome! Em. you’re just about the cutest thing that has ever been! Ben, your daughters happiness seems pretty easily bought…small price to pay if you ask me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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