my heart is heavy and hopeful this morning over a sweet, little baby in our community named emmaus.

if you want to read a little bit about her story read one of my dear friends post about the ballew family


she might be the sweetest baby i’ve ever held. she hardly even cries. she has the sweestest little spirit. she’s only two months old.

little emmaus has been diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis. its a rare multi-system genetic disease that causes tumors to grow in her

little brain, kidneys, heart, and other vital organs.

her family and community are praying that God would perform a miracle and rid her body of this disease.

we are the kind of people that actually believe God could do that.

this weekend little emmaus started having seizures. they were able to find out that there are a few in her brain.

and we need you to pray for this sweet baby.

her parents seem to have shoes of iron because they are peaceful and joyful through all of this.

its unbelievable. if you want to witness the Spirit of God,

spend some time with this family as they bravely and courageously walk this road.

my heart aches and i can’t really complete this post without tears blurring my vision as i type.

but we are hopeful.

i’m a little angry at our broken bodies, our broken culture, and our broken world.

but i do i feel hopeful because God has promised to redeem all of our brokenness.

in fact, i was just reading in II corinthians 12:9 this morning.

my grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.

i will boast in my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. 

for when i am weak, then i am strong.

so i wonder if i should even be angry at our brokenness. maybe i should be hopeful and expectant.

it seems that God is really drawn to brokenness. perhaps even attracted to it.

which makes me, and the rest of creation, perfect candidates to experience the healing, redemptive work of

God in our lives.

especially little emmaus.

we pray over her little body. that God would heal and redeem it.

i have this picture of a strong hand holding this tiny infant who is sleeping. nestled and warm in the curve of his hand.

thats how i see God holding her right now.

God, would you heal her too?

would you continue to give this family shoes of iron? would you continue to surround them with supernatural amounts of strength, faith, and perspective?

would you hold their hearts too?

let your power and love for us be magnified in emmaus’ little body.

our community is surrounding this family in prayer this evening.

please pray with us, wherever you are. think of emmaus.


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