first day of “school”


where do i begin? i have so much catching up to do.

i guess i’ll start with saying that i have turned


and it feels good!

i’m 30.

there is a certain amount of joy and accomplishment that comes with 30.

i’m thankful that i’m here.

ben has warmed me up to the idea of aging. there is a certain amount of beauty and grace that comes with each wrinkle. experience and time are our friends. and they are a source of beauty. bring it on.

we celebrated my birthday with some serious dancing. i’m chuckling right now to a few pictures in my head from that evening.

i’ll be posting them. trust me, i have no shame.

shouldn’t we all dance?

let me tell you why i LOVE dancing. you get to tell the world that you are comfortable in your skin and that you are carefree.

and it doesn’t have to be “cool”. the less “cool” the better. 🙂

i think thats what makes it so fun. you just go for it. throw caution to the wind and bump it! (i’m not sure what that means.)

thats one of the ways i bond with people. lets get crazy together. its my favorite.

for my 30th birthday i received a wonderful gift from my husband, my mother, and my sisters.


if you have seen the front of my house you will fully appreciate this gift.

i actually teared up a bit when ben told me the trucks were on their way with the soil and plants.

the plants included several boxwoods.

two yellow knock-out rose bushes.

and a white lilac tree.

here is the finished project.

i just took this picture. and it is chilly outside!! where did summer go? anyway, see that baby tree? its going to bloom white lilacs in the spring! and i cannot wait to see those little leaves turn colors and fall to the ground. i know, i’m lame. but really, how cute?

in other recent events…

emri had her first day at school.

okay, so maybe its more like child care but we call it school. one day a week i teach a readers theater class and emri goes to “school” down the hall. i get to see her in between classes.

of course she wouldn’t be my child, if she just smiled for the pictures. in fact, i don’t think this picture even looks much like my daughter.

here are the other shots she volunteered for me.

ahhh. that’s more like it.

i love being able to put little notes in her lunchbox. mostly because i’m obsessed with little things. little things like my 3 year old and teenie, tiny envelopes.


2 thoughts on “first day of “school”

  1. Pretty much I love this post. The landscaping looks great. I really wish we could have made it to the dancing party- cause I am an especially terrible dancer which makes it great for laughs. =) And I am pretty much in love with sweet Emri and her picture posing abilities. I especially like the pout lip. LOVE. ~Laurisa

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