chicken update:

it seemed like only yesterday that i found emri outside playing with our baby chickens. and yes, i did find emri with a chicken on her head.

i am sorry to inform you that we have lost two of our chickens to raccoons.

this one in particular:

he may look cute eating that dog biscuit, but don’t you see that evil look in his eye?

sorry, coon. you’re a gonner.

he and his brother began their intrusion several weeks ago. ben and i found one in our shed eating dog treats. (no we don’t have a dog, but our neighbors do) his brother was up in the tree while this one munched on the remaining dog treats we had left in our shed.

see this picture? the chickens were actually laying down right next to him! we just chased him away thinking he wouldn’t bother our chickens. but the next day, lizabelle was gone.

they were brutal. i’ll spare you the details.

i burried her. we had a funeral. emri cried massive tears. she asked me over and over again, “why did this happen?” emri was convinced that a zebra or a giraffe ate her.

i reassured her that it was a raccoon and most likely not a zebra or giraffe.

there was a eulogy officiated  by emri.

emri said,

“i love that you ran so fast all the time.”

we threw flowers in the hole. and we buried her.

ben had to re-burry her when he got home, because i, apparently do not have the skills to dig a legit hole.

then, the next week, they got  bitsy.


…i guess thats the way it goes. we had to put on tough farmer pants. ben especially, because he killed both of those raccoons.

it was intense. he didn’t even have a gun.

i’ll spare you the details.

but i will say that i’m married to a bad ‘A’ .

on the brighter side of things, we got two new chickens!

and i love, love, love them.

we have named the younger one lucy, and we are still deciding on the bigger one because we just got her a few days ago.

one is the same age as the previous one. and the newest edition is a full-grown mamma hen.

they have all gotten along and things are back to normal.

here is the new clan.

call me the crazy chicken lady, but i love having chickens.  al 3 of us do.

i love getting up in the morning, going outside to let the chickens out and hearing emri yell,

“wait for me, i’m coming!!”

we march out to the coop and open the door. and out run our chickens.

at night we put the chickens up and they make this purring cooing noise and practically hop on our laps.

the whole experience has been so fun. (minus all the predators that have included hawks, raccoons, and possums. SERIOUSLY. you should have seen me running outside yelling “booga, booga” , chasing a hawk who was swooping down on our chickens…oh my. i remember ben saying, “kerri, our neighbors can see you.”)

not to mention the fresh eggs we are anticipating!

so i suggest ya’ll go get some baby chicks. come on, you know you want to….its so fun…


2 thoughts on “chicken update:

  1. Booga! Booga! That’ll show ’em. It’s so good that you are teaching Emri healthy ways to grieve and cope with a loss. You guys are such good parents. 🙂

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