i don’t want to forget…

i don’t want to forget that yesterday at the grocery store, emri leaned over and whispered,

“mom, lets be in love with each other, okay? is that a good idea?”

i do not want to forget that as i’m typing this post, emri yells from the bathroom,

“mom, would you please get me my fairy sunglasses and the animal i got at the garage sale? i need them right now, i’m about to poop!”

i do not want to forget that at age 3, emri’s favorite thing to do is snuggle up next to me and say,

“lets talk together.”

i do not want to forget how cute emri was at her first day of art class this morning. and how proud i was of her little collage she handed me when i came to pick her up.

i don’t want to forget the conversation we had during our picnic this afternoon.

how she told me she hated garage sales because they were, “just different, and that’s why.”

which she is one to talk. she came home from the garage sale with a gazillion new books, clothes, a stuffed animal, and new bike.

i don’t want to forget how excited emri gets when we paint her nails.

or the fairy cakes we baked a couple weeks ago

 and how handling cookie dough puts emri in a zombie like trance and she literally cannot receive any instruction whatsoever.

i also do not want to forget sweet stella’s ballerina party we went to a couple of months ago and how seeing little girls dressed as tiny ballerinas melts my heart instantly.

or how excited emri was to have her papa and grammy come stay with us this summer

and how it took me forever to get her to smile like a “princess”.

take 2

take 3

…oh my emri, you are loved.


2 thoughts on “i don’t want to forget…

  1. I chuckled pretty dang loud at these pics. She is so your and Ben’s child! Can I please have some Myers time when I come to town?!

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