beautiful weather restores the soul

my soul was restored today.

i started the morning sleeping in with emri. we both slept in…till 8:30. and it was delectable.

emri watched her jesus video, i got to read my bible for a bit, sipping on coffee.

emri had her little art class at the nelson art gallery this morning.

on our way to her art class we talked about how sweet it was of Jesus to make the leaves turn beautiful shades before they fall.

he must really like us to make them so colorful for a while.

she told me that Jesus knows her favorite color is pink.

and she’s right.

i dropped emri off for her class and i walked across the street to a park with absolutely no children. only a million colorful leaves falling from the sky.

and perfect wind.

i had read in a blog this morning about restoration. how restoration is different than recovery. and how God longs to restore our souls, not just recover them.

this morning was restorative. i layed upon the blue plastic slide as if it were a bed and looked up at the sky… and i poured my heart out to Jesus. would you laugh at me if i told you i heard him speak to me?

i did. he spoke directly to my heart and through the wind. he responded to everything i told him and reassured me with every gentle gust of wind.

he told me that i have to get quiet to hear from him. he told me that he was my Father and that i belonged to his family. and that he would give me anything i asked for. and that he was, and is, and will always be abundant with me.

but that sometimes i miss out on his abundance because my mind is fuzzy with busyness.

but i received it today. i knew how wealthy i was.

not because i own a fancy car, or because i have a huge home, or wear designer clothes, or get paid a bunch of money for being a “professional’ at something.

but because i belong to Jesus. and because he loves me. and because he has promised me things this world could never offer me.

and so today was a good day, even though my hair is a disaster, i have no make up on…still, and my house is messy.

i watched ben take emri for a ride on her new bike a few minutes ago.

 watching her run out to the street with ben filled my heart. she was  so excited -she held her arms way up in the air as she skipped along.

emri asked me this morning when she was going to turn 6.

i sighed. in two years, emri.

thats not a long time.


and here is this sweet girl’s art work from today.

and here is my art work.

our missional community got together and made fall wreaths this week.

call me a stinker, but i sure do love crafts!!!


9 thoughts on “beautiful weather restores the soul

  1. no, i did NOT cry while reading this post!
    ok, fine, i did…just a little.
    Kerri, the way you talk about Jesus and how you know His heart for you and He knows your heart for Him, makes me want to do nothing but snuggle up next to Him and ask Him to tell me things. Your life makes me want to love and know Jesus more.
    also. you’re wreath kicks ass.

  2. Uh oh Kerri…don’t give me any more crafty ideas that I will pine to get done. Great job and please don’t tell me how to make one! Even though I so want to…

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