night time routine

i’m pretty sure this was not included in our night time routine checklist.

but it made it.

potty. check. jammies. check. brush teeth. check. wash hands and face. check. take braids out and brush out hair. check. drink of water. check!

and this is when i transfer her over to Ben who takes it from there.

i find Ben in the hallway.

“she’s all yours, babe”

he hugs me. we get distracted and talk for a bit.

and then we hear little feet and we look down to find a little face no longer ready for bed.

“guys, i just found some makeup.”

and so after we cleaned up and got settled down. i crack open her door to find ben and emri playing with flashlights in the dark. i finally make it to my bed where i open my computer and quickly type out another memory.

i hear emri open her bedroom door and walk down the hall towards my bedroom. i’m assuming she wants another hug. Ben is behind her. He tells her to make it quick. she tells me,

“i want to pray for you.  i want to pray that God would give you a baby….do you want a baby, mamma?”

i’m thinking.  good grief, girl. are you wanting me to cry?

i nod. yes. of course.

and then she climbs up on the bed and and takes my hand. she bows her head and she prays in the sweetest little voice,

“dear jesus, please help momma to have a baby. amen.”

she quickly leaves and now i have tears in my eyes.


6 thoughts on “night time routine

  1. The Holy Spirit is so full in sweet Emri. And I bet you Emri has faith and believes it will happen too. What a journey. And what an incredibly beautiful life you get to live with Ben and Emri. : )

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