what requires extra preparation, planning, and a good knife?

beautiful, whole, delicious foods.

i’m having a seductive affair with vegetables. i’m not kidding. its getting hot in my kitchen.

i just spent about thirty minutes in the kitchen preparing a delicious soup.

there was a lot of chopping and music playing.

i peeled and cored my first tomato. its something that needed to be done. i’ve spent my whole life purchasing tomatoes out of a can when preparing for soups or sauces.

before ben and i were married, he told me he didn’t like tomatoes, it almost ruined our relationship.

“why don’t you like tomatoes?”

“i just don’t. but i would try them. i would try anything at least once, maybe twice.”

“well then great! i actually have a tomato here. eat the whole thing.” —so sassy i was.


i made ben eat a whole raw tomato. in my little kitchen on timberlake road.

i had only known ben for just a few weeks. what a crush i had. he was so hot. but we are talking about vegetables…

an aroma is making its way throughout my entire home right now. a melody of sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, tumeric, tomatoes, paprika, cayenne,  sweet basil, and dare i say…cinnamon?

 my mouth is watering.

i share with you my delight for vegetables. i’m tired of crap. aren’t you? i mean crap on a regular basis. …please don’t be mistaken, i do find lots of joy in buttery popcorn and i melt in front of a batch of warm, partially gooey chocolate chip cookies…and rest assured that it will get dirty over the holidays.

but i’ve been “flirting” with produce for a while now. and i’m inviting produce into my life for real this time.

i’m in love and i don’t care who knows it!


3 thoughts on “veggies

  1. ha. this is awesome. i’m ALL about the veggie stews. and I LOVE the preparation. cutting veggies takes time, but is so theraputic and primitive. i much more enjoy taking the time and energy to know i’m putting healthy good food in my body and the body of my husband…i have a roasted tomato soup recipe and an italian veggie (which ironically also has meat in it) stew recipe to share with you. OH, and carrot herbed recipe as well.

  2. agreed a million percent. i’ve been on the road to recovery for about 5 years (once was fat and lazy, now a recovering fat/lazy person) and found out in october my clean eating lifestyle was about to get a whole lot cleaner. love your post. love your picture. makes me want to go snack on a red pepper!

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