3 eggs

oh dear. where to start? i’m a little behind on things.

 we all celebrated christmas. wasn’t that just a couple days ago?

and a new year. (merry 2012 by the way) emri turned 4. and we have a 45 pound puppy romping around our small home. (who has now ruined my suitcase, 23 pairs of underwear, 5 socks, 2 scarves, my favorite gaucho pants) -how do i still love him?

other things that are taking place in the  myers’ home…

emri is still playing office in the living room

note the small table and miniature frame. this is her go-to for office set up


i’ve started the paleo diet
(with a few cheat days)

so i no longer have jars of candy on my kitchen table, i have…

and we’ve been cooking meals that look like…

and something else i believe deserves honorable mention…

we introduced mary to decker. and let me tell you, its by the grace of God that mary is still alive.

and last but not least….

our chickens (we are not sure which ones)

laid their first eggs!

or as emri said,

“our chickens aid leggs!”

apparently when i was taking a picture of emri, decker thought that included him.

but seriously. eggs. we have eggs!!


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