sweet memories

i have all these little posts that keep piling up because i just haven’t had the space or the heart to write.

like my 30th birthday party

our trip to circle s ranch


emri’s birthday party

my new nephew…sweet, baby hank

a new job

a few struggles…

when i find the time, i’ll post them. not really for your sake. but for ours. for the sake of remembering. remembering all that my family is learning and the burdens that we are carrying in this season. the lessons that are weaving their way in and out of every day. lessons that are so formative. and i’m learning that pain usually comes from a deficit in my life. and i’m learning that deficit in our lives gives way for provision. and i get to see God provide things for my family out of nowhere. and those provisions become memories. and those memories become what my family calls stones.

hence my blog.

i have a few stones piling up. but i’ll mark those memories later. but for now, i have a four year old that is growing up quickly.

she never ceases to warm my heart.

even when i’m sad i get to look across the room and see emri playing dress up…looking at herself in the mirror.


so, i’m driving in the car with em in the backseat.

she’s pretending to read a book.

i haven’t seen her all day so i’m gitty to be near her.

the dialogue i hear coming out of that little mouth is fantastic.

“jesus is coming down”,

emri says in a high pitched voice, as she turns the page in her book.  (she is making this story up as she goes)

“no! he’s already here!” says em’s low pitched voice.

“yes. right this way!” -back to a high pitched voice.

i interject,

“emri, are you excited to learn how to read?”

emri looks confused. she gets quiet and you can tell she is deep in thought. then her eyes get big,

“i know how to read?”

“not yet, baby, but soon you will learn.”

she pauses and thinks.

“can you read, mom?”

“emri, i read to you every day. of course.” (duh. i’m a mom. moms can do everything.)

“well, how old are you?”


“oh. i’m four. you’re still bigger than me.”

these are priceless conversations to me.


earlier this week we went to trader joe’s.

emri is always fascinated with the stickers she gets at the checkout line.

on our way home she figures out that the round floral sticker fits perfectly into the circular part of her seatbelt in her car seat.

she starts giggling.

“look mom! look at my sticker!”

(kids are easily thrilled)

i told her that when she unbuckles, the sticker might rip.

“it won’t rip. i know it.” she sometimes tries to convince herself of things.

i watch her through the rearview mirror. she works really hard at placing the sticker.

and i hear this quiet little prayer.

“dear Jesus, please don’t let this sticker rip. please. amen.”

i guess her sweet prayer was answered because

that little sticker is still there. going on day 4.

and while i’m marking down some sweet little memories… i guess i’ll also include emri’s valentines day party at her school.

we made valentines the night before.

and for the first time, she’s writing them out herself!

i was disappointed the morning of her valentines day party because she didn’t have any valentine-looking clothes.( for some reason this is important to me. )

i quickly grabbed a white tee from emri’s room and ran into my craft room/spare room/wanna-be dining room.

i came out with this. so proud of myself.

(i’m easily thrilled)

i just found pink fabric and ironed it on with double sided webbing. i used a cookie cutter to trace the heart.

emri was super impressed with me. and that made me feel pretty special 😉


3 thoughts on “sweet memories

  1. oh my gosh. I am sure Emri told EVERYONE at school that her mom made her shirt. She was so proud to wear that sweet little t-shirt I’m sure. Love this.

  2. I meant to comment on the shirt at school! It was so cute! I love it when you share these little stories about Emri. And I love how Jesus is teaching Emri that he hears her prayers with stickers. She’ll be a prayer warrior with that kind of faith!

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