ben and i had the privilege of having some dear friends of ours in town this last week. daniel and stacey woodall.

unfortunately, i had to work the majority of the time.

and unfortunately, i got strep a couple days after they got here. i was pretty much swallowing shards of glass the whole time and feeling terrible that they, and their sweet 11 month old were in close proximity to my stupid, sick breath.

they were so generous to our family while they were here.

they were a massive blessing.

i’m gonna have to write about it later.

we’ll call their stay another


another stone that God is setting up in our lives, reminding us that he is writing a story of provision and abundance in our lives. even when our circumstances appear bleak.

between me working 34 hours this week and getting sick, i barely had time to play with em.

after our sweet company left, ben told me to just sleep all day while he took emri on an adventure. 😉

benjamin scott myers, you are so hot right now.

so i got to snuggle up and sleep/watch episodes of the voice on my computer.

after a long while, i heard em and ben walking up the front porch.

i heard emri’s sweet little voice chatting to her daddy.

missed her.

as soon as she walked in the door she begged me to make zazzert (dessert) with her.

that is the last thing my body wanted to do. but i couldn’t resist.

okay em, lets make zazzert! you pick what you want to make 🙂

 “oh my gosh. i’m so esited. this is the best in my whole world. oh my gosh, i cannot believe this!”

words pouring out of emri’s mouth as we were what she calls, “making together”

some of her small talk during dessert making…

“i love it when decker stares at me. i just love it. but i don’t like it when he eats stuff. when he eats stuff, then we need to be mean to him, right mom?”

so here are a few pictures.

we decided to make rainbow parfaits.

we put yellow, pink, and purple food coloring in the bottom of three different bowls. we poured the mixture into each bowl and em got to stir it until it turned a bright color. she loved it.

our zazzert!

and because decker is always standing by, i took a pic of him and the whatever random purple something that was on his nose.

oh decker, you naughty stinker. what did you get into?


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