small things

every time i get off work, i look for a special treat to bring home for emri.

at work today i was delighted to find miniature plastic cups and matching straws.

you have no idea how much i love bity things.

emri and i both share the affinity.

miniature strawberry creme frappuccino

just her size.

and let me also take a second to mark down a funny conversation ben and i had with emri last night on the way home from dinner.

i actually wrote it down so i wouldn’t forget a word.

“mom, next time it snows and then when all the snow melts, we really need to go to target and get some soy milk.”

i remember thinking, what? soy milk?

“em, do you mean egg nog?”

“yeah, actually…i mean egg nog. cause its so good. it makes my eyes wanna cross because its so good. its so good it makes me crazy.”

so funny. em, i freaking love you.


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