easter and latte land

happy easter.

i think i’m averaging two posts a month.

in a season where we are in transition and just trying to hold our heads above the water, i’ll take it 😉

easter morning ben, emri, decker, and i went on a run. a 3 mile run. its nothing really. nervous giggle. (don’t be fooled i’m so proud of myself i can’t even stand it)

we ended up at latte land. high on endorphins and praising ourselves for being so healthy and active.

we brought with us the jesus story book bible. you know, the one that makes me cry when i read it to emri? every freaking time?

we got to latte land and read the easter story to her.

 between slurping down her milk and blueberry muffin, i’m not sure if she even heard.

we kept telling her, “he’s risen!”

she kept rolling her eyes and saying,

“i know. you keep telling me that.”

maybe one day it will sink in.

you know, who jesus is. and what it really means that Jesus conquered death. what it means that he is making everything new.

easter morning, she would have none of it.

this morning however, she asked me to tell her stories of Jesus. i’ll take what i can get ;). but back to easter,

after trying to get emri interested in Jesus,

 we went home and got eastered up.

here is my emri.

i’m sorry, emri, when did you turn 16?

then headed over to be with family and friends for the afternoon.

bless our hearts for trying so hard to get a picture of all our children together

wait, don’t forget sweet baby hank in the carrier!

and then came the easter baskets. emri successfully found hers.

so proud.

 em also found a lady bug which is totally worth mentioning and posting.

of course, emri wasn’ the only one who had fun yesterday

and here we are, the myers….and ben’s beard.

happy easter


4 thoughts on “easter and latte land

  1. A great lookin family! It was certainly a great start to our Easter to see you guys. 🙂 hope you had a great day!

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