emri and justin bieber

i’m going to try to get caught up on a few videos and posts.

emri turned 4 FOUR months ago! has time really flown by that fast?

i took a little video of her on her birthday. just a little interview.

for the longest time she claimed that she was going to marry jesus.

her cousin (boy cousins) would taunt her telling her that she wasn’t.

and she would either cry or cross her arms and give the dirtiest look imaginable. and if you know emri, she’s got some good dirty looks.

i guess emri changed her mind about marrying jesus.

now its justin bieber. lindsey, am i spelling his name right?

oh and by the by… this is emri’s birthday video. after the interview is a slideshow and then a katy perry song. if i had energy and time i would re-make the video and delete the slideshow and extras. but i’m too tired. and besides, i know emri’s grammy and papa will probably want to see the whole thing πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “emri and justin bieber

  1. she really needs to work on coming out of her shell a little bit. this is PRICELESS!! i love it. I love her. aaaand….i love Justin Bieber.

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