permission to rest

so not only am i a certified barista at starbucks….

but i am a teacher.


as of january 2011 i became a readers theater teacher.

do you even know what that is?

i didn’t.

and now let me tell you, i do.

and i really enjoy it. truly.

with the exception of a little something called

performance day.

its a guaranteed sweaty upper lip day.

its when all of my classes, kindergarten through middle school, perform in front of  all their parents and grandparents.

while i run around like a sweaty nervous woman trying to organize props, scripts, and costumes.

and if you know me at all…you can grin at the thought of me doing all that.

so needless to continue explaining…it’s a ridiculous day.

well that day is in three days.

oh dear. here we go again.

this wednesday, if you think of me, rest assured that i’m going to be in a complete frenzy until 3:00 pm.

then the school year will round to a close and my burden will  be lifted a great deal.

and summer is HERE!!!

the last three months for ben and i have been extremely busy. and we are anticipating the rest that is coming.

we have learned a lot about rest the last couple years and so we have entered this season circumspectly and have tried to create as many pockets of rest as possible.

we have said no a lot.

we bought a swing for our backyard.

i can’t tell you how restful it is in this beautiful weather to take my family outside and gently swing while drinking a glass of wine.

everyone should have a swing.

we have spent time together.

we have ran together.

i haven’t cooked as much. we have had a few chik fila dinners and cold cereal nights.

we have gone to bed early together.

we have woken up early together too 😉

we have paced ourselves.

 i think its because we are more familiar with what our capacity is.

and we know what replenishes us  more than before.

we know how to rest a little bit better. and together.

in a season where things have been difficult for us, ben and i have been able to look at each other and say,

“at the very least, we have taken care of our family.”

we know that our decision to fight for our family, to follow Jesus, and to grow these crazy things called missional communities, is not a sprint.

its a marathon.

its a long obedience in the right direction.

so we don’t want to burn out. we pace ourselves.

we feel like God has been telling us to grow roots.

the week that we are in currently has been super busy.

so we asked ourselves,

“what would be particularly life-giving and fun to do, to get us through these next two weeks?”

ben was under the impression that an expensive bottle of whiskey would be his indulgence. a cocktail in the evening. 🙂

i was under the impression that a pedicure with emri would be fun.

so we did.

whisky and pedicures for the myers.

i think it helped 😉

here is em right before we went to get our pedicures.

you know, i don’t tell her to pose. that’s all emri.

here is our finished product.

our girlie toes.

ahhh. permission to rest.


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