decker puppy

its wednesday morning and my eyes are puffy and red.

ben and i found out yesterday that we have to put our 1o month old puppy to sleep… probably today.

he has an oral tumor that is taking over a lot of his face and eye.

and my heart is broken because we just love that dog.

the past 8 months have been kind of hard for us and decker has just been such a sweet little blessing to us.

a perfect, little gift.

one massive ball of white fluff jumping around.

making me smile sometimes when i dont’ want to.

he’s such a cool dog. i mean freaking cool.

and i don’t think we are ready to let him go.

 we took decker on a picnic to swope park yesterday. he got his own chik fil a meal. 😉

and we let him loose and watched him play.

ben was quiet and my eyes were continually red and puffy.

we told emri.

she crawled onto ben’s lap and cried.

but it made me laugh when a few seconds later asked ben,

“but, dad…do you think you can climb that?”

(while pointing to a tower a few feet away)

i’m going to miss how happy decker is when we come home.

i’m going to miss him a whole lot when we go running.

i’m going to miss ben getting him so riled up in the house.

i’m going to miss waking up at 3:45 in the morning going to the kitchen

and seeing decker stumble in with his bed head and squinty eyes staring at me in the kitchen doorway

wondering what i’m doing at such an ungodly hour, and then walking back to our room to go back asleep again.

i’m going to miss him gaily running laps around our backyard just because he’s happy.

today is going to be a hard day for the myers.

there will be tears.


6 thoughts on “decker puppy

  1. Just want you to know that Mary & I are praying for the “Myers” today. Our heart aches for you also. We are so sad. Decker is a beautiful dog!!!
    Love you guys!!!

  2. gah….i hate this, Kerri. i would be so sad too. . . great picture by the way. you have a lovely portrait of Decker to have with you always.

  3. Oh no, Kerri. Oh I am so sad. We had to put our first dog to sleep and it was just heartbreaking. We cried for 48 hours straight and then started the hunt for our Franny dog. I’m so sorry. 😦

  4. So sorry Kerri & family. As one dog lover to another, this is the hardest thing ever…..Our backyard is a pet cemetary. (we have 3 labs now) Great picture!

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