few more days

we have just a few more days with sweet decker puppy.

the biopsy wasn’t good. the doctor finally said it was cancer. we don’t want k state to treat him. we don’t want to put him through all of that just to live one more year.

we officially get the results in next week.

i don’t think we will wait till then.

its painful drawing this out.

the good news is that after the biopsy/surgery (they cut a huge part of the tumor out to make it more comfortable for him)

he acted like a puppy the next morning. running all over the place and wanting to play with everything in sight.

it was sweet to see him act like himself again.

we have been spoiling him.

he’s sleeping on our bed.

he’s on my white couch!

my sister brought decker these dog treats that looked so good i wanted to eat them. -and i sort of did… i was disappointed. dog frosting does not taste like real frosting. noted. even if it has sprinkles.

we’ve been a bit of a mess over this dog of mine. our hearts hurt.

he’s been the coolest dog.

and he’s filled a little hole.

call me a crazy dog lady. i do not care.

here’s decker crashed out beside me while i was watching tv last night.

his eye is on the sparrow.

and so i know Jesus cares for this situation.

i think sickness, even in animals, moves him.

thankful for my family right now. thankful we have each other and that we are all healthy.


3 thoughts on “few more days

  1. You are so beautiful. And i’m so sorry for this kind of hurt that seems to make no sense, but hurts like the worst kind of hurt. I think i told you this already, but my daddy told me when Apple puppy was sick, “Jesus cares about you, and you care about Apple, therefore i believe Jesus cares deeply about Apple.” Jesus cares so much for you Kerri, and you care for Decker puppy, therefore, Jesus cares deeply for Decker. Praying for sweet memories to be formed in these next few days. Praying that the hope, joy and peace of Jesus is near to you. I love you.

  2. So sad. The Kautzis are praying for you guys. Dogs just do something to your heart. They are dependent on you and yet they care for you, too. They’re the animal version of people of peace. 🙂 I agree with Jess-surely the Lord cares for the things we care about. Love you guys.

  3. I am so sorry for you guys! I know pets are just like real family members share love with one another and go through things together. I hope god brings you all peace in this very emotional and sensitive time you all are going through.

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