we still believe

ben and i just got back from a week of rest.

ben, em, and i vacationed in branson.

we aren’t super fancy. we live a simple life.

our vacation may not have been palm trees and exotic scenery.

but we had each other and that was enough.

i’ve learned that revelation comes in rest. and so rest has become very important to my family and i.

i won’t trade it for anything.

i rather know Jesus.

and i choose to create space for him to transform the deep places of my heart. i will fight for that for the rest of my life.

i feel like God has spoken to my family this week. telling us that he is still here. that he is for us.

 this week has been a time for ben and i to recount the faithfulness of God in our lives.

we sit here in a season that feels like a desert. and we say that we still believe.

we have stones. we can’t forget what he has done.

someone sent me this music video this morning.

i can’t stop playing it.

his plans are still to prosper us


2 thoughts on “we still believe

  1. Kerri! I think about your journey often and pray for you, ben and emri continually. Your family is such a sweet testament of the Kingdom! Ryan and I just think you guys are the coolest. 🙂 I think that song is the perfect blessing over you three. So amen to that.

    Jesus is so faithful. Don’t give up!

  2. I was just thinking this morning, before I read this post, how much I love simplicity. I have a mug that says “live simply.” I think about how small, yet quite powerful, of a statement that is. I’m sure you guys would love and maybe choose to vacation somewhere with palm trees etc. but I love that you still choose to find Joy and Jesus anywhere you are. (p.s. Greg vacationed to Branson every year growing up for family vacay and loved it). One evening Greg and I were laughing in bed & I looked around at our very very simple empty bedroom (that literally looks like a bachelor bedroom. I’m not kidding) and thought about how much I love that my joy stems from relationships and not things. Would I love for my bedroom to not look like a bachelor bedroom? Sure. But, to know and partake in the things where the treasure of joy can be found is simply fantastic. . . And that song. Jeez. How beautiful. . . When I think about your family I think “faithful.” Honestly. What other legacy would you want to leave behind other than you are faithful to Jesus’ calling on your life?

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