extended family

   three years ago our church decided we weren’t going to do church in the typical way anymore.

we decided we were going to separate into smaller groups of 20-50 people and meet in each other’s homes. and in my case,

meet in a teeny tiny home. where there is virtually no space and people are running into each other like bumper cars.

(oh the anxiety i had in those moments. those moments were so good for the development of my character and pride.)

so church started to become more of an extended family. where people are forced (in a good way) to connect and have accountability. and to disciple one another. and take care of one another.

each extended family on mission together.

and so our pastor asked ben and i to lead one three years ago.

thus began the journey of growing missional communities.

this meant that ben and i were going to have to start giving our lives away and investing them into the people in our missional community.

the hardest and most wonderful thing we have ever done.

i’m convinced that the greatest. greatest. most significant thing you can do for the kingdom of God, is to disciple.

teach someone who will be able to teach someone else.

and before you know it, things multiply rapidly.

what a crazy idea, Jesus had. choosing to spread the good news about his Kingdom through a few disciples.

those few disciples changed the course of the world.

and these extended families on mission together, these things we call missional communities,

have caused the most growth in our family.

our missional community decided to go camping in one of our backyard’s at the first of the summer. (when we still had decker)

and here are some pictures of us in lindsey’s crazy, beautiful backyard.

these tents belong to the blake’s and the myer’s. ours is the teensie one. i feel as though its important to tell you that ben, em, me, and decker all slept in that little tent together.

 of course there was a random dance party in the corner…there always is…

 this was one of our last few days with decker. and he got to run out in the open with several buddies.

he had such a great time. 🙂

thankful for our extended-family.


4 thoughts on “extended family

  1. Always love what you write Kerri. it’s like going on a long walk with you each time, you know how long walks and talks go with a good good friend? That’s what your writing from your heart is like for us. Keep it up

  2. “what a crazy idea, Jesus had. choosing to spread the good news about his Kingdom through a few disciples. those few disciples changed the course of the world.”

    All you disciples of the Myers (and Jesus), pay attention!!!!

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