i’m having a sudden burst of energy. i may as well post pictures of our vacation in branson.

vacations are necessary, aren’t they?

as i’m looking through these pictures, i’m reminded oh how wonderful ben is with emri.

the way he talks to her, the way he plays with her, the way he tosses her up in the air…melts my heart.

i got lucky with ben. and so did emri.

i guess we all know its not luck though.  i see Jesus in the way ben loves emri.

oh…emri… and i just love this picture of her sleeping.

i guess cause i’m her momma. and i love watching her sleep. i love that she’s sleeping on her favorite pillow. her princess pillow that her grammy made her. i love that she is still wearing the bracelet we made together one afternoon….three months ago.

 i seriously need to make an album of all of emri’s expression. i have never in all my life, seen a child with as many expressions as her.

and here we are. ben and i. watching the sunset. thankful for our family.

emri took this picture.

how precious is that?


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