puppies and good food

tonight i had dinner on the couch.

in case you were wondering it was good.

one of my good friend’s, amanda hindson taught me how to cook chicken with tangy dill tomato dressing

and it is killer. with buttered corn.

if you like fresh, good food with unique, delicious flavor you should probably visit her blog for this recipe  here.

ben is putting emri to bed right now. we’ve been trying to get her to stay in her bed all night.

its not going so well.

that frizzy head keeps coming in at night and i keep opening up the covers to her. i’m such a softy….and a snuggler.

we bought her a pink body pillow and that worked for 3 nights.

now we are trying an alarm clock. when the alarm goes off at 6:00 am, she can get in bed with us.

i don’t think its going to work.

emri just came into the living room dancing for me.  she’s the funniest little thing i’ve ever met.

and the most creative.

she has been carting around about 10 of my nail polishes in a bowl every single day.

she’s calling them her “students”. she lines them up in a row and talks to them. and she talks on behalf of them.

hahaha. maybe this should be concerning. but i’m proud of her creativity.

she doesn’t need an over-priced american girl doll…

…hello. she’s got nail polish.

emri about broke my heart tonight. she found some of decker’s hair behind the couch. she brought it to me immediately.

she smelled it. smelled it! and said,

“mom, this is decker’s hair! i’m going to save it. it will remind me of him.”

and then she trailed off her to room where she must have put it…somewhere…who knows.

so i miss my dog tonight. its dumb that he had cancer.  but…i do

  have good news.

we contacted decker’s breeder today.

and decker’s momma will be having puppies in september!

and guess who is getting one?

the myers.

i cannot wait to hold every puppy in that litter and pick one out.

i can already smell that sweet puppy breath and hear those sweet little whimpers.

i have severe puppy fever.

 can’t handle it.


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