a little jesus and some pics

  its been quite a while since i’ve posted.

some seasons are busier than others. i’ve barely picked up my camera.

today i decided to empty my memory card and i found all of these pictures…

so i’m going to post them. a little of what has happened in the last six months.

earlier this week i was re-reading journals from the last few years.

pages and pages of things God has taught me. tears came. the faithfulness of God in our lives is so real when i see everything clumped together like that.

thankfulness. for God’s involvement in our life. for his intimacy. for his grace to speak in so many clear ways. for his faithfulness to connect the dots for us when things aren’t so clear.

one thing i know.

Jesus is real and alive.

that he reigns.

that he is good.

and that he will always….bring us good news. no matter how bleak our lives may seem momentarily.

and with every broken thing that happens to us, God always counters with a divine move.

and its always good.

those 3 truths have been what i have clung to in the last season. when things were really difficult.

i love scripture. but what i really love? scripture to become incarnated into my life. for it to actually take root in my heart.

for it to change the way i act and think.

scripture has anchored my heart and it has led my life.

so what does all that have to do with me posting some pictures i found? absolutely nothing.  except that today i’m looking back and remembering.


so here are a few pictures coming at ya.

lets start with hank.

my nephew was born this year.

only the most handsome man-baby you have ever met. i never thought babies flirted. but this stinker…you just barely look his way and he flashes you this superman smile and he’s got you.

can’t. handle. it.

another something sweet was born in the last few months too.

our sweet little georgia peach.

she’s my sister’s first girl!

i couldn’t resist taking pictures of her girly room too.

so pretty…

rachel painted this picture of emri when she was almost 2. so darling. i remember those chubby legs.

 max and emri peeking in at georgia

you have no idea how much this little girl is loved by her three older brothers.

she may not successfully date…:)

here are some picture from my mom’s birthday in may. nothing better than seeing all of our kids together.

 oh the differences between girls and boys..

sister cousins. don’t ever call josie emri’s cousin or she will correct you. sister cousins.

we’ve tried to make this summer emri’s “brave” summer. sprinklers terrify her. and ben always pushes her farther than she wants to go.

and then she puts her hands on her hips and gets irritated with him.

and then they make amends…

our little luke…

rachel got lucky with some josie love.

flirty hank.

having a moment with georgia

i love that emri is writing her own birthday cards now. warms my heart.

and here is the present i wrapped for my momma with old napkins from one of emri’s birthday parties. i was so proud of myself. still am.

just another memory i don’t want to take for granted.


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