i’m going to flick you in the face

oh for the love…

emri is begging to watch tv. and right now i’m putting my foot down.

the answer i’m telling her is a firm no.

here is our conversation.

“mom. my body needs to watch tv.”

“emri, no it doesn’t.”

“mom, if you don’t let me watch tv, i’m going to flick you in the face. i don’t want to flick you in the face, but i’m going to have to if you don’t let me watch tv “

you would think that a typical punishment in our house is a face flick. not the case. this is her own made up consequence.

for moms.

sometimes i’m just too tired to engage conversations like this. sometimes i’m a bad, tired mom and i pretend i didn’t hear,

“mom, i’m going to flick you in the face”

even though emri can be the sassiest thing you have ever met, and even though she has threatened to “run off” sometimes,

and has given me some of the dirtiest looks a mom could ever imagine…

the girl has my heart.

i only have two days at home alone with emri when i’m not working.

i treasure those mornings. we try to make them special.

so we have been going on lots of picnics.

my little 4 year old packs our lunches.

its the sweetest thing in the entire world to watch emri spread mayo on bread.

i took some pictures of our picnic. you can’t see our spread. i think i got distracted with emri and just started taking pics of her  sporting her new hello kitty dress

i’ve been a little nostalgic lately.

emri starts “real” preschool next week. they requested a picture of her so i went meandering through old albums on my computer.

i may have teared up (what’s new) at all these pictures of emri over the last two years.

i also looked through some pictures of decker. i got sad again that our dog died of cancer before he turned 1.

i miss that mass of white fur.

but we have a lot to be thankful for. i mean… a lot.

you know how i shared a long time ago that i usually take my pregnancy tests in the target bathroom because i can’t wait to get home? and how sometimes i sit on the dirty floor and cry?

i took another test and cried. hard. wept really. i couldn’t stop. i didn’t care if anyone heard.

i wept because it was positive.

i’m pregnant.

i can’t really begin to articulate in typy computer words how much rejoicing has taken place in our home, in our hearts, and with our family and friends.

we’ve been celebrating.

and i can’t help but remember the night i posted this.

emri is so happy. she wants to hear all the baby details that are happening in my belly every week.

and in case you are wondering, i’m 14 weeks.

14 glorious weeks.

and i haven’t posted much because i’ve been so sick and so tired all i can barely do is go to work, kiss my emri and husband, and make my way to the couch where i plop down and stay down.

but i’ll take it.

oh yes, i’ll take it.

i remember not too long ago, kneeling overwhelmed on the floor, crushed in spirit.  Jesus spoke promises to me through scripture that grew roots deep into my heart that day. words that sustained me and gave me hope through a difficult season. i remember hearing them over and over. they anchored me. words that sing over my heart now as i rejoice in the miracle that is being knit together in my womb as i type.

he is here

he reigns

and he is bringing good news


5 thoughts on “i’m going to flick you in the face

  1. Well I’m here lying in bed. When I see on Facebook that you wrote on your blog, I literally say “yay!” in my head and can’t wait to read your entry. Tonight I’m crying (like I usually do at your posts) but this time out of pure joy. I’ve been praying for you that God would miraculously give you a baby. And that’s what He did. Worked a miracle as He loves doing. Praise Him. He is so good and His timing is perfect! Thanks for letting us be part of your life!

  2. wow God is so good! Thanks for sharing this amazing news with us. You are always such a great source of encouragement and thought through this blog. Hope you are feeling better soon! 🙂

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