i invite you into my morning…

in the day of a life of a mommy of one who is currently at preschool.

i’m in my backyard. weather is glorious.

i’m on my swing. the swing ben and i purchased last spring. it promised to give us pockets of rest outside. it did not disappoint. remember that incredibly long spring we had? the spring that lasted 3 months and had the most perfect weather imaginable? we spent every evening we had together out on this swing. we ate dinner here after our long runs in the evening.

dinners like biscuits and strawberries. oh what? that’s not dinner?

ben introduced me to his traditional summer dinner growing up.


half and half.

fresh, buttery biscuits.

freaking good.

i think i actually have a picture of that dinner on the swing.


you should definitely try it.

so i’m sitting here reading my bible on this beautiful morning. recounting the faithfulness and generosity of God.

this has become a regular thing for ben and i.

not just when things are wonderful. but also when things are harder then ever.

dwelling on the faithfulness of God and reminding ourselves of the great things He’s done.

we have lots of stories to share about the way God has provided for us.

we call these stories “stones”.

we have a pile of stones in our living room representing little and great miracles that have happened to us over the years.

we finally decided to write on them. dates and stories.

ben and i went to a bed and breakfast a few weeks ago and used that retreat to recount the stories of God’s faithfulness. and to write those stories on stones so we don’t forget.

joshua 4
“these stones are to serve as a memorial. in the future, when your children ask you, “what do these stones mean?” – you will tell them what the LORD your God has done, and his covenant with you.”


recounting the faithfulness of God and dwelling on His character is what carried us through some of our most difficult seasons.

and it’s how we celebrate when we see the fruition of our prayers.

three nights ago i felt our baby move inside me for the first time.

teenie tiny pokes of new life.


i can barely type the word without tears.

we are having a baby.

i can hardly believe it.

He’s our Father. He’s a good dad. we can trust Him.

sometimes we taste good news. sometimes it wraps around us and we are overwhelmed by it. and sometimes we hope for what we can’t see yet.

leaning into His promises with all that we have.


He is here.

He reigns.

He is bringing good news.

isaiah 52


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