meet ella

three weeks ago ben, em, and i went to visit a german wire haired rescue home.

we have been wanting another dog so bad. i had my heart set on a puppy…maybe even one of decker’s siblings…

but puppies and new babies are not the best combo, if you know what i mean. as much as i’d like to be cleaning up dog pee and baby pee at the same time. no please and thank you very much.

 we went to this shelter.

there was a 1 year old that came up to us and laid her head in our laps. she didn’t jump. she didn’t lick.

she just sweetly came over to us and looked up at us with these golden eyes.

we all 3 instantly loved her.

and so she came home with us. and she is sweet as pie.

 her name is elleanor. we both decided she needed a grandma name. and so we call her ella.

she sleeps at the foot of emri’s bed. okay lets be real. she spoons emri and practically lays her head on em’s pillow… emri is over the moon about it.

she is not a lab. (that’s all i’ve known).

she’s pretty bad ass.

she is faster than your dog and can jump higher too.

don’t mess around with a hunting dog.

we took her to a park and just let her loose. she ran and ran and ran and ran…and had the time of her life.

we took a few pictures. i’m amazed at how much i look like i’m 9 months pregnant. i’m only 20 weeks!

you guys, bloating and constipation gets real when you’re pregnant.

so just go with it.

 when we go on a trail, its a legitimate field trip. ben’s is pulling up rocks all over the place looking for critters.

this was an owl pellet ben found.

and emri also found a turtle.

happy dog

emri practicing her photography skills

em and her daddy

em and me

and ella


3 thoughts on “meet ella

  1. 3 things.
    1. you’re so smokin’ hot. Pregnant looks goooooood on you.
    2. one of my favorite things about these pictures is that em is shirtless in a few. nature girl.
    3. tell em i’m SO jealous of that turtle. please tell me your brought him home?
    4. (i know i said 3, but guess what? i thought of another one) i love ella. and Apple does too…she told me.
    5. (i thought of another REALLY important one.) i love you.

  2. To follow Jess’ lead:
    1. You are so freaking adorable. Definitely don’t look 9 months or bloated.
    2. Ben’s face is back!
    3. Lovin’ the pup!
    4. My favorite line: “bloating and constipation gets real when you’re pregnant. so just go with it.”

    Miss. Love.

  3. how did I miss this post? i really love all the new life in here. baby meyers and ella are such a sweet reminder God restores and blesses us in the best ways. and emri, dang, that emri gets me everytime.

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