blue bliss

today the weather is cold.

we have a family member staying in town with us this week and she has slept in emri’s room.

emri has been taking over our bed.

i wake up this morning to my german wire haired pointer pouncing around my bedroom.

i stretch. i reach over and grab emri’s small, warm silky hand.

i’m thankful i don’t have to work this morning. i breathe in my friday morning and i hold emri close to me. she’s asleep. i hear her breathing.

so thankful for her.

i can feel tiny movements in my womb and i’m filled with gratitude.

i can’t see ella but i can see the torn stuffed toy that she is throwing up in the air, nearly hitting the ceiling. her pounces begin to rattle the room.

i smile that she is happy to play by herself. and roll my eyes because i know emri is going to wake up in two seconds.

she does.

and just like ella, emri immediately wants to play. no need for coffee, no need for the morning pee, no squinty eyes.

nope. she’s up and i’m ready to play.

“momma, pretend you are the mom and i’m the baby”

“emri, i am the mommy and you are my baby.”

slight laugh. “yeah. well how bout you be the mommy bird and i’m the baby bird.”

“okay, i’ll hold you close in my nest.”

we snuggle and chat for a few minutes. ella is still pounding the floor and throwing her toy up in the air.

i still feel baby movements in my belly.

i’m so glad i don’t have to go to work today.

a week ago ben and i found out we are having a boy.

a boy!

we opened our envelope at the cheesecake factory. the envelope that would tell us pink or blue.

and yes, there were tears. joyful, crazy, happy tears.

and the waitress came over asked if ben was being nice to me. 🙂

i wipe my tears and laugh.

she ended up giving us two free slices of ridiculous cheesecake.

and we celebrated. we laughed. and couldn’t stop laughing. and i couldn’t stop crying.

we laughed out of joy. and surprised delight that we are even pregnant. and that it will even be a boy.

my friday is filled with bliss.


4 thoughts on “blue bliss

  1. Yes!!!! I love this news. As soon as I saw the title I rushed to skim for “boy”! I’m so antsy to find out about our Little…eh, still a solid month to go. Congrats on the little baby boy in your belly! Love it!

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