i remember when the leaves first started to fall.

 how emri was so thrilled about it. we were sitting outside together and i watched her try to catch each one. she was so enthusiastic about it.

i love that about her.

i love that about children. oh how i love kids! their excitement about all the little things… warms my heart.

i’m reading 1,000 gifts by ann voscamp.

this dear woman writes about her journey into gratitude.

she shares her fight against the mundane and how God created in her life this overwhelming gratitude

as she practiced giving thanks for the things that can be so easily overlooked.

and its changing my heart a bit.

and i think of kids. how if they aren’t over stimulated with toys and tv, they are so enchanted by the simple things.

and you see a gratitude in their heart.

a joy.

a wonderment.

with things like leaves falling from trees.

pure bliss

God, give me this joy. awaken little blips of gratitude until they bubble out of my heart and fill my home.


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