advent: day 1

oh how my energy is limited.

my body is telling me we have 12 hour days.

at around 1:00 pm, i’m the epitome of pooped.

but i’m determined to let emri be enchanted with the story of Jesus and the days leading up into christmas.

my sweet family and i had a special evening.

we went and picked out a charlie brown christmas tree for our little house.


an activity that emri has been anticipating for days.

i was hoping maybe she would forget because momma got tired

…and alls i wanted to do -come 5:00 pm was go to bed.

but we pushed through.

we even got hot chocolate. peppermint hot chocolate.


last year i made an advent calendar but had no activities for any days. boo. i know.

i decided each year i’m going to just introduce a few things. a little activity in each bag. simple things. little verses.

today we decided that december 1st would be getting hot chocolate and picking out a christmas tree.

and so we did.

and we even decorated our first advent activity card.


i’m in love with emri’s picture of a christmas tree. i could squeeze her.

this morning emri and i were reading in her bible. something that i’m so thankful she is still so interested in reading with me.

we didn’t plan it, but our story led us beautifully into the month of december.  isaiah was prophesying about the redeemer that would come.

God gave isaiah a message. it was like a letter God wrote to his children.

dear little flock,

you’re all wandering away from me, like sheep in an open field.  you have always been running away from me. and now you’re lost.  you can’t find your way back.  but i can’t stop loving you.  i will come to find you.. so i am sending you a shepherd to look after you and love you.  to carry you home to me. you’ve been stumbling around, like people in a dark room.  but into the darkness, a bright Light will shine! it will chase away all the shadows, like sunshine.

a little baby will be born.  a royal son.  his name will be emmanuel, which means God has come to live with us.  he is one of king david’s children’s children’s children.

the prince of peace.

yes, someone is going to come and rescue you! but he won’t be who anyone expects. he will be a king!  but he won’t live in a palace.  and he won’t have lots of money.  he will be poor. and he will be a servant.  

but this king will heal the whole world.

as i read this i couldn’t help but read the last line over again.

he will heal the whole world.

we welcome you Jesus. remind us of your story this season. let it be alive and real to us.


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