our life in death

i’m already typing and my eyes are stinging with tears again.

i know that i’m so far removed from this little town in Ct, but this story has ruined me the last few days as i’m sure it has with you.

i keep trying to push it to the side. if i give the story space, it will consume my mind and i will begin grieving again for these children that i don’t even know.

darkness has come. and it weighs heavy on our shoulders. i think we all feel it and are sickened by it.

this christmas, before hearing about this appalling event, i have been so touched by the story of Jesus. advent is alive in a new way for my family this year. i keep thinking of the people of Ct. and the despair, the hopelessness they are feeling. and i think of the despair and hopelessness that people felt way back 2000 years ago before Christ had come. and then came this bright star that led humble shepherds to a rickety manger where the hope of heaven came wrapped in swaddling clothes.


our hope.

our life in death.

with Jesus death was conquered. because of Jesus, this sick tragedy will be made right one day. because of this baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, we can have hope in the midst of crude darkness that hangs in our midst.

i can only imagine the Father’s grief for these families and their sweet children.

he’s the ultimate Father. he knows.

and in some way that we haven’t seen play out just yet, the Father has made this story right. and he has these children.

and every tear is wiped and there is no remembrance of what happened.

 the grief hangs thick still.

but the story isn’t over. our hope is in Jesus.

he’s still coming. a fire burns deep within him. he will fix our broken world.

my friend and pastor, jon shirley posted a song he wrote as he heard the news in ct and its worth sharing today.



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