the practice of gratitude and a few other things.

i’ve been practicing gratitude

after reading a book called 1,000 gifts. not just a general gratitude but a practice of calling out the things that i am thankful for. even small things.

 like warm tea.


twinkle lights on christmas trees.


a wild small babe kicking me endlessly in my womb.

for my husbands beard.


for a sleeping dog curled up on the floor who brings joy to my family.

and for things like

leggings on my 4 year old.

i don’t even know what to do with those skinny legs and sweet cheeks, except for squeeze them.

for snow days…for the first fresh snow fall that covers everything in white. when emri wakes up and thinks its christmas because it has snowed and cannot stop laughing out of pure excitement.

i’m thankful for snow

and so are a few others 🙂



i used to think that i didn’t want emri to grow up. and a part of me still wants her to stay my baby. but i have to say. i love watching her become a little person. its my favorite.

i love the things she says. the things she is starting to understand. our conversations.

don’t hate me. but ben and i haven’t been telling emri santa clause is real.

i know. i know. i know.

ben and i argued this point endlessly. i for santa, ben for reality.

i feel like i have deprived her in some way. but i have to say,

when santa and all his ho ho glory is removed, it actually has created space for the magic of Jesus and the story behind him.

because there is a lot to be imagined in the spiritual realm. nothing truly competes.

so in honor of advent and our own spiritual hunger, emri and i decided we were going to look for ways God was telling us he loves us one day.

we were on our way somewhere…when emri frantically started shouting.

“momma, momma, look in the clouds! the light is peaking out!!! its shining out! its Jesus! and he’s telling me he loves me….i think he’s blowing me a kiss. and he’s winking at me!!!

she blows a kiss back. she cannot contain her excitement. she can’t stop laughing and shouting.

and truly light was shining out in all directions. it was a gloomy day except for one area had beams of light shining through the clouds. it really was breathtaking.

i don’t think that emri is deprived without the santa story, like i thought she would be.
(don’t get me wrong. i love santa too. and i think sharing in the santa story is so so sweet)

but i love to see her wide eyed at the things pertaining to the real story of christmas.

and speaking of christmas,

emri had her preschool christmas program this week.

so proud of her!!

here is a pic of her and her bff cousin max on the day of their program.


a funny thing she said last night…

“dad you are so smart. you know science. you know science and i know science. we are the only ones who know science.”

i love it when ben and i can exchange smiles without emri seeing us…trying not to laugh.

-she thinks that since her dad is a science teacher he knows everything.  and its so sweet.

so blessed to have my sweet emri. and so blessed that we have another on the way.

my joy is full.


3 thoughts on “the practice of gratitude and a few other things.

  1. Kerri. i admire you more than i can say. i’d say i want to be just like you, but then i don’t want to deny the story God is writing for my life. 🙂 So…let’s just say YOU DA WOMAN, and call it even! xoxo, Ms. Braxton-Hicks

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