i had a conversation with emri about a month ago. if i remember correctly she said something like this,

“samuel will be here really soon. but not like that soon…cause some special things have to happen first. like…christmas, my birthday, valentines day…”

i’m thankful emri got to turn 5 before her little baby brother came. a baby brother who will rock. her. world.

she doesn’t quite know that yet. 🙂

 so somehow time has flown by and this little stinker beside me has somehow managed to turn 5 years old.

and i am so proud of her.

sometimes ben and i look at each other and think that she is sooo our daughter…and then we see parts of her and wonder where in the world that characteristic came from.

she is her own person. and we love her for that.

dear emri,

you have been the best part our lives. you came at a time your dad and i were not expecting, but we are so glad that you did. you have changed us. for the better.

and you continue to change us. as we learn how to parent you. as we learn who God has made you to be and how we can help cultivate that.

you have grown to be so brave this year. so timid you were last year. and i see you walk into school with your sparkly pink backpack. i see you wave to your friends and call them out by name.

and i think. how brave.

i see how tender your heart is. how you care when people are sad. and how you want to make them feel better.

i see that you think things through. that you are constantly thinking. the wheels are always spinning.

and how creative you are. how some of your favorite toys are spice jars in the kitchen cabinet and lotion bottles in the bathroom.

i see that you love writing and drawing. and you love all things paper and cards and crafts.

and how much you love singing and how much you love listening to the soundtrack from les mes. what 5 year old wants to listen to the whole thing and wants to know the story behind each song?

you love stories. and i see in particular, one story that has come alive in your heart. the story that Jesus loves you more than anything.

i see that you look for ways he is telling you he loves you. and how yesterday you came running into the kitchen shouting,

“mom, i’ve got the greatest news!”

“God moved my star in my room so i could see it!!”

apparently, there was a pink sparkly star that ended up on your little table. you were convinced that God was telling you he loved you as it reminded you of the star from the night Jesus was born in a manger.

i see God moving in your heart, emri. and i see that your journey has already begun. and daddy and i are so excited to be a part of it.

how i want you to stay my little baby forever. but daddy and i know that you are not ours. that you belong to the Lord. that he has plans for your life.

so proud of you emri. you are so loved. and i know you are going to be such a wonderful big sister.

you were made to be a big sister. 🙂

Samuel will enter our family with not two who love him deeply, but 3.

happy 5th birthday!

here are some pics from her birthday we celebrated last week along with a little video before she got her ears pierced.

DSC_1392  DSC_1395  DSC_1414



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