dear samuel,

i’ve been awake since 1:00 am. i can’t stop thinking about you. we leave in an hour to go to the hospital. you are scheduled to be delivered at 7:30.  the thought of holding you for the first time makes me well up with tears.

you my son, are a miracle.


i can’t wait to have you in my arms. to smell your new baby skin. to examine your little feet. to look closely at all those perfect features. teenie tiny eye lashes. teeny tiny mouth. to hear the sound of your cry…

and i cannot wait to bring you home. your nursery is all set up now. (sort of) at least you have painted walls and a bed! i can’t walk into your room without crying. 

your dad is hyper. laughing. shouting. hollering. grinning from ear to ear behind that massive beard of his. and i… can’t stop crying. i’m a mess. 

emri went with papa tom and gigi to spend the night. she’s been counting down the days. she is so excited to put a picture of herself in your baby bed at the hospital so you can see her when you are laying in there. 😉 samuel, your big sister already loves you so much.

us three are going to love you like you have never been loved before. we are so excited to meet you and teach you the myers hand shake 🙂

and just like with emri, i can’t wait to teach you about Jesus. he’s the one that got you here. he’s the one that formed you in my broken womb. he’s the hero of our family. and you are going to love him.

happy birthday dear one. you have been anticipated. 



8 thoughts on “samuel

  1. This is so beautiful. no i’m not crying…..
    fine…maybe a little.
    i can’t wait to hold this living miracle. a breathing answered prayer. There’s no denying who Jesus is when it comes to Samuel Walker Myers.

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