my song

a few days after we brought samuel home from the hospital, i began reading through I samuel again in the old testament. hannah’s story of being barren and crying out to the Lord for a child resonates into the deepest part of my being. when hannah had her son, a song of praise came from her lips. its written in I samuel. declaring God, the Father, as the author of this miracle in her life. i nodded my head in understanding as tears blurred the words on the pages of my bible because i identify with her story and especially her song. i quickly realized i had a song in my heart too.

oh God, you are alive and real. 

you are not just a story that has been told.

you are not distant. you are awake. and you rule. you do not sit back. you are here to deliver and rescue us.

and bring us back to you.

your heart aches at our pain.

the desire to redeem us burns deep within you.

oh God you are alive, you are here, you reign, and you are bringing us all good news.

when i pray, when my heart is grieving, when i’m on my knees, when the tears hit my opened bible and smear the ink in my journal,

Lord, you HEAR.

you are moved by my prayers. as soon as you hear my familiar voice,

you answer!

you have come. you have come and healed me.

you have given me a son!

and i praise you Lord. you have done great things unexplainable.

you have restored the broken, you have brought hope back to life.

my king is mighty and he has done a miracle in my life.

my heart cannot help but sing back to you.

because i have held to you, you have delivered me.

there is no other home i have apart from you.

your hand is strong. i feel it upon me. your presence is strong and i hear your voice.

i want to abide in your shadow, close enough to hear your heart beat…forever.

my sweet samuel belongs to you, lord.

and as hannah prayed you answered. and as hannah spoke these words so do i.

I samuel 1:27

“for this child i prayed, and the Lord has granted me the petition that i made to him. therefore i have lent him to the Lord. as long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord.”






and the picture that sits on my mantel that my sister made me.

these are the hands of my sweet sisters. my greatest warriors of defense who stood beside with a great army of dear friends and family who fought with us in our battle to get samuel here.



3 thoughts on “my song

  1. Love this, Kerri. I love the photo your sister made – Sweet Samuel is all those things. God is worthy of our praise! We are finally well at our house so I hope we can stop by to kiss that baby’s cheeks soon!

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