“emri, do you like having a brother?”


(smiles and nods)


do you want to have another baby?


for sure


do you want it to be a boy or a girl?


(sighs). whatever God gives us.


do you think He will?


(shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head). we just have to pray a whole lot.


God answers our prayers, doesn’t he?


yeah, actually a lot He does.


this conversation reminded me that my family always seems to have some kind of deficit.

and without the deficit there wouldn’t be the need.

and without the need, there wouldn’t be the prayers.

and without the prayers, there wouldn’t be the stones sitting on our kitchen table reminding us to pray.

and without the prayers, there wouldn’t be answers.

and without answers to prayers, how would we see God move?

emri has had the opportunity to see God answer the prayers of her family up close.

and she believes in her little 5 year old heart that God answers prayers, not because we told her…but because she has witnessed it. over and over again.

i’m thankful for the deficits today.

emri recently drew me a picture of her and Jesus. it is too precious not to share.

she told me that Jesus was with her.

(he’s the little man standing next to her surrounded by hearts) – i can’t handle it.



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