last night ben and i were able to leave the house without samuel and emri for the first time since that sweet chubby bean was born, and enjoy each other and a few margaritas. after half a glass i couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore. and ben and i couldn’t stop laughing at each other. i love him. he’s fun. and i like him. a lot. (…but seriously ben shave your beard)

my house is as messy as my hair these days but we are surviving. i keep telling myself that one of these days i’m going to have put-together hair and a put-together home. but i think we all know, that will never happen. that’s okay though. i will settle for a home filled with fun….and some messy hair. i always admire the women i know that have their hair done. and when i say done, i really mean washed and brushed…or something. if you are one of those women…. be assured. i envy you.

so i sit here on a glorious saturday afternoon drinking it in that my children (can you believe i get to say CHILDREN???? AHH! CAN’T TAKE IT) are both taking a nap. and feeling prideful that i, kerri myers, single handedly put them down successfully for naps at the same time. (this is the first time this has ever happened)

i have a million loose ends right now. there is much to do. but i’ve got to stop and let my hair and house be messy and say out loud that i’m thankful. i’m thankful that although it is still chilly, its sunny outside. and i can see blue. and airy clouds.

i’m thankful for the hundreds of runners that ran rock the parkway. i stood their next to ben holding a sign for lindsey while samuel was curled up in a sling against me and cheered for my friend. as i waited to see her i couldn’t help but be so proud of every runner. i wanted to shout to everyone “you are doing it!!”

i’m thankful for my dog. the dog who acts as if the couch is her throne. i’m thankful for her eyelashes that seem to stick up 12 inches from her head.

i’m thankful for sleeping children. who are both slightly snorting as they sleep because they are both a little congested.

i’m thankful for a husband who is diligently working in the basement as i type. working on making things out of leather. he’s working downstairs with a former student. teaching him how to sew leather. its a student he shared Jesus with a couple years ago. a student who now loves Jesus because of a teacher he had who took time to invest in him. a teacher who woke up early thursdays mornings at 5:00 am to meet him and talk about Jesus and what it means to know God. and now this student is in our home.  and they are making leather downstairs together. i can hear them laughing.

i’m thankful for em. i’m thankful for the purse filled with lipgloss that she wanted to take with her in the car the other day. hilarious that the girl needed not one, but ten in her purse.

i’m thankful for samuel and all the sweet little smiles he’s been giving me lately. new smiles. the “i’m trying to learn how to smile” smile.Image

i suppose an endless list of things to be done can cloud the mind. my mind. and steal gratitude from the heart. and i tell myself that one more thing crossed off the list will not produce joy. only when i stop and turn my heart toward Jesus, my maker, the Giver.

the giver of samuel smiles and little girls who love lipgloss. and dogs who have eyelashes that are so long they make you laugh.

the God who knows me and loves me is telling me over and over again in a million different ways just how much he loves me. and if i stop long enough to listen, i will hear.


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