big sister

its an interesting dynamic to hold a newborn in your arms while engaging a little girl literally dancing and singing all around you.

such different places my children are. one needs snuggling and rocking… the other needs activities and endless verbal communication.

ben and i pulled up to the house after a long night and both our baby and our miniature teenager were quietly asleep in the back. emri fell asleep holding samuel’s hand. ben asked me which one i was going to take in.

i chose emri. i chose her because her little body is growing rapidly. and i won’t be able to hold her much longer. isn’t that just the saddest thing? i can hardly type the words without tearing up. so i’m trying to savor every last moment of whatever baby is left in her. it wasn’t that long ago that emri looked like this…


  i blinked and then she looked like this


how come no one told me this would happen so fast? everyone did.

she also is becoming more and more aware of how directionally challenged her mother is. we were on our way to meet dad somewhere and of course i had google maps on my phone directing our way. here is what emri said to me concerning my driving and the female voice directing me from my i phone.

“mom. don’t drive in circles this time….”

“mom, don’t listen to her. she doesn’t even know where to go. she doesn’t even know your husband, ben.”

“mom, i know where to go. its just straightly behind chik fil a. (pauses…looks out the window) …maybe not so straightly behind chik fil a…but kind of straightly. “

the thought of her starting kindergarten in the fall is enough to make me fall into a heap on the floor.

someone else is growing up too.

i’ve been tracking samuel’s growth.

week 1


week 2


week 3 heehee


1 month


2 months!


what a chubby monkey, right?

i’m taking in every sweet shallow baby breath. every coo. every little smile. because before i know it, he will be starting kindergarten just like emri.


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