leather meets discipleship

good news in the myers house.

a friend i haven’t spoken to since i was probably 12 contacted me and came to help ben and i with our faulty appliances.  he shared with us how Jesus changed his life. he told a few stories of the struggles he had growing up. how older people in his life influenced him in a negative way. then in turn, how an older man in his life took him under his wing. a man who loved him and discipled him. and how it changed his life forever. he is not the same person as i remember. and it wasn’t just because its been a while. jesus changed him.

there are few mountains that i would die on. few battles that are worth fighting for. battles that will cost me my time and my resources. for the myers, one of these battles is discipleship.

“all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that i have commanded you. and behold, i am with you always to the end of the age.”

a few men were discipled and they changed the world.

God chose to focus on a “few” to reach the “many.”

and a revolution started.

people had something to believe in bigger than themselves.

bigger than the money they made. or the possessions they had. bigger than our

 “american dream” that we chase today

and it changed the world.

what if we reoriented our lives around discipleship? what if we spent our resources- our time, our money, our lives investing into other people? what if we locked shields? what if we decided to invest the things we believe into another person, who would then be able to invest that into someone else?

like Jesus did?

 i believe Jesus’ character is imprinted on each of us. we, who are many, display the glory of God. we each have something to offer. something mighty powerful to offer. we all reflect a part of Jesus that we collectively cannot do without. we need each other. we are a mosaic. every piece, although vastly different, is important.

here is the thing ben and i have learned:

people want Jesus, they want to follow Jesus.

they just don’t know how.

they haven’t been discipled.

Jesus chose a few men and invited them into his life. they became family. he showed them how to follow him through relationship. amazing. ( i love Jesus for so many reasons, but this is one of my favorite things about him.)

how beautiful.

ben and i sort of feel like we are missionaries specifically to generation x. we don’t think we have it all figured out, but we’ve experienced enough breakthrough in our lives to start giving it our best shot.

our hearts go out to this generation. the onslaught of social media has harassed them. ridiculing them. making them feel inferior. judged. compared. and isolated. times magazine said this generation cares more about the pictures they post of themselves on facebook than what is happening in the world around them. …but then goes on to say how this particular generation can change the world.

here is what i know: discipleship works. it just does. i’ve seen it work. i’m watching it work right now.

this summer ben and i will continue to help lead the leadership training project (LTP) at the gathering network, our home church.

this is where we get to spend our whole summer doing what we love most. discipling.

after 7 years of reorienting our lives around discipleship and praying through this, ben and i believe we are supposed to do this full time. this is our calling. enter 2nd story leather. ben and i want to be “tent makers” and support ourselves. however, our reality now is that we need to raise support until 2nd story leather grows. we would be tickled pink, elated, jump up and down, over the moon- so excited if you were able to help us. even a little bit.

this summer we have 13 interns.  we just came back from the retreat at the lake with them. we got to hear their stories. and their stories are like no stories you have ever heard before.

 it is so clear that God has begun a very beautiful, redemptive work in every one of them. you know how there are just moments when you know God is doing something incredible? moments that give you goosebumps a little? that’s how we feel about LTP.

these interns are totally ready to reorient their lives around knowing Jesus and obeying Him.

 ben and i get to be a part of that. we get to disciple them! how exciting is that?

if you feel compelled, you can support us through our home church, the gathering network by clicking here. (click on the tab: leadership training project).

you can also support us by venturing over to 2nd story leather to buy some artisan leather goods. wouldn’t it be cool to own something made by a local artisan and to know that you furthering the kingdom of God by doing so? 🙂

ben and i are dreamers and we dream pretty big.

we have this crazy idea that if we focus on discipling a few that we could start a movement.

and maybe change the world.

h wallet

the h wallet


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