meet the ltp peeps

ben and i have been humbled and over-joyed with the support we have received for the leadership training project. we’re grateful. and so excited. we are over half way in raising our goal for the summer! almost there!

LTP is in full swing

its awesome. the whole thing. the summer. the growth.

a group of mostly strangers transitions into a bunch of closely knit friendships with a common mission.

to love Jesus. to love each other. and to love the world.

here they are.


aren’t they the coolest?

so far we’ve had our retreat at the lake. its when all the interns really get to know each other. they get freakishly brave and share their stories.

ben leads us in weird challenges with marshmallows and spaghetti.


with results that show us that in order to build something “right” you just have to give it a shot and keep trying. in order to suceede you have to learn how to “fail faster”. we’ve got to be okay with doing it wrong in order to get it right.

“if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly ” -G.K. chesterton

we spent time together. the myers are learning what it looks like to be a family on mission together. when mission is something you do as a family. i can have my kids with me… while reaching the next generation.  they aren’t separate.



ben taught us about rest. how we are a culture that loves to work. we think we are what we produce so we give ourselves to work and forget how to rest. and sometimes we get so busy over-working that we can’t hear the voice of Jesus.

so we discussed our rhythms. and what it would look like to begin healthy rhythms of rest. daily. weekly. and yearly. we talked about john 15 and how Jesus taught his disciples what it looked like to be pruned and what it looked like to produce fruit. that if we want to produce fruit, we must learn how to stop and abide.




we practiced spending time with Jesus in the mornings together. learning how to read through scripture. and how to ask questions. and how to make this a natural rhythm for the rest of our lives.

ben wrangled wild snakes.


and taught others how to wrangle snakes also.


emri was the first to pull this wild stunt.


we swam.


and walked the slack line.



had a blast.

the myers love the leadership training project. we are so glad we get to do this. these lovely pictures were taken by one of our second year interns. miss kimberly mccarty. she is one of the reasons we know this is what we are supposed to do. i’ve asked her to share on my blog a little bit on how LTP has influenced her life. take a read.


“When I started LTP last year, I was broken. Disrespected. Hurt. Insecure. Alone.

LTP allowed me to process through all those feelings and begin a more intimate relationship with Jesus. The Lord began the process of redefining my sense of identity last summer. I was given the tools I needed to continue to work through the things I was going through as well as continue in a discipleship community. I learned that God’s desire is to speak to us and as I began to tune my ear to His gentle voice, I found my worth and security in my Creator instead of other people.

As the Lord began to prune away all the plans I had for myself, He filled me with more of Him. Because I was poured into as an LTP intern last year, I made the decision to come back as a second year LTP intern so I can learn more about what leadership looks like. To me, LTP is a challenge to learn to invite people into my life and into my walk with Jesus. It is an opportunity to put into practice the things that Jesus did when He lived on this earth. It’s a place where I have seen the Kingdom of Heaven breakthrough in my life in radical ways. It’s a place where I’m regularly asked, “What is God saying to me and what am I going to do about it?”, and where I’m consistently challenged to walk out my true identity in Christ.”


thanks for reading our update. to help support the project you may do so by making a one time tax deductible contribution here and clicking the LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROJECT on the drop menu.



One thought on “meet the ltp peeps

  1. wait, was that snake by our lake house? What kind is it? I hope you found a new home for it a long way from there:)

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