just a cooking video…emri style

 samuel is getting ferociously chubby and making more high pitched squeals than you can possibly imagine


and emri is making cooking videos.

she loves to “make” with me. every day.

“momma, can i make with you?”

when i was pregnant and tired last summer, emri and i would sit and watch cooking shows. one after the other. so now when we cook together. its a cooking show. which if i’m going to be honest, i need to insert here that every time i cook, i pretend i’m on a cooking show too.

doesn’t everyone??

today all she wanted was to make a cooking video.

so here you go.


4 thoughts on “ just a cooking video…emri style

  1. Lila and I watched this together and here are our reviews:

    “That’s silly! Now I want to watch one again.” – Lila Kautzi

    “Emri is simply magic in the kitchen! I can’t wait to try my own take on Frosting Berserk!” – Lila’s mommy

    I laughed out loud at her expression when she opened the microwave. Classic.

  2. Omg I just laughed out loud in public because of this!! I want to be a special guest on emri’s cooking show!!!


  3. You’re such a good mom. I want to be such a good mom just like you some day!
    favorite quote, “oh my gosh.” when she opened the microwave. i laughed out loud more than a few times.
    Can’t wait for next weeks episode of “cooking with Emri”

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