7 years of crazy fun

today we celebrate 7 years of marriage.

let me throw out the disclaimer. those who have fought and invested in the health of their marriage know.

those who live in idealistic fantasy and actually believe that real life plays out like what we see in our weirdo american movie world… don’t.

 marriage is work. its tears. loneliness at times. fighting to learn how to communicate about everything. fighting to validate the other when its super hard.

its honesty. vulnerability.

its identifying the temptations that draw away from your marriage and naming them. and fighting for what will draw you close together.

its praying every day that God would somehow in some miraculous way make your love new, alive, and vibrant…

better than anything you could come up with on your own.

and with all the investment and mercy of Jesus,

we have had 7 years of awesome crazy fun.

and i mean that.

this morning ben and i took our children to breakfast. we tried to talk to each other and reminisce over the last 7 years as samuel kicked in his car seat and while emri hid jewels all over the table and then asked us to find them.

after a jillion interruptions we gave up. 😉


today marks 7 years. happy anniversary to the companionship of ben myers. the love of my life and my favorite friend.


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