its been a long time.

i’ve missed spilling out thoughts and memories on here.

our lives have just been so full. and time just seems to effortlessly run past me.

but i’m compelled to mark the memory. we’ve had some good ones.

like this little sweet piece of perfectness that sends a million endorphins throughout my body. who needs drugs when you have babies?

he’s dreamy. and i won’t go in to detail because i don’t want anyone to hate me. but. he’s easy. emri…well lets just say i took one for the team with her 😉

i’m in baby la la land right now. and i’m kind of shocked i haven’t eaten him yet. because he’s

that yummy.

and emri.

my heart.

my heart walking around on little five year old legs. has started kindergarten.

how am supposed to move on in my day with out her? ( oh the drama ) but for real?

i think the first time i went to the grocery story i cried. she’s my buddy. we do that together. now i can’t snag a free cookie from the bakery under the guise of my toddler.

she’s now going to academie lafayette.

a french immersion school. they only have 30 minutes of english instruction every day.(oh dear) before you think we are really fancy i will tell you that its free. its a charter school. and its all lottery.

the first few days they literally had to peel her off of me and i had to walk down the hall hearing her cry for me. and it literally sent me to my knees when i got home. pleading to the Father, that he would take care of her. make her brave. and remind her that she isn’t alone.

and he did.

she’s championed the whole thing. i’m so proud of her.



Image Image Image Image Image

and she lost her first tooth.

and even though the tooth fairly supposedly left her money in the cutest little glass vile you ever did see lastnight, she still managed to write Ben and thank you note for it the next morning. ha!!

and as for ben and i. we got to go on a wedding date child free friday night.

we got to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends travis and danielle.

perfect for each other.


so thrilled for them.

and got to be reunited with friends from my creepy baptist bible college days. thank Jesus for good friends in a truly bizarre place.


that’s a memory wrap. talk soon.


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  1. Hey, Kerri! Justin and I are thinking of a similar school for Ben next fall. It’s lottery and charter, too, and they do immersion in Mandarin or Spanish. I know you must be incredibly busy with little Samuel but when you get a minute I’d love to hear about how you made the decision, how Emri is adjusting…no hurry.

    Also, I always enjoy reading your posts. As always, you have been and continue to be a very genuine person.

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