go forth

as soon as the clock reads 6:15 i am up.

samuel slept and so i help emri get ready. although she is perfectly capable of doing this herself, i stay next to her. helping. because i only have an hour with her before she gets on the bus.

she’s happy. rested. and giggly.

at this time samuel has woken up and i hold him. he’s heavy. and squishy. he’s making little squeaky noises.

we send emri off.

emri and i give hugs. and a high five through the window of the bus.

we have a race. her and the bus and me and samuel. i’m sure my neighbors think…

“there’s that weird lady again.”

my day will be filled today.

and my mind cannot stop racing.

not about the things i need to do today, but with my dreams.

sure, the list is written down. i know what needs to be done. and all the things that quite frankly don’t really need to be done.

my mind is racing with the ideas of community, extended family, and mission.

this isn’t a new idea. its as old as jesus.

he came and gave us hope. and not just hope for what will be. but hope for the NOW.

he healed everyone. he didn’t stop. he didn’t refuse anyone.

and i just wonder. if we have given up on things that seem super dark or broken. when in all actuality there is hope.

what if there is hope?

what if there is hope for broken places in kansas city and we have overlooked them? maybe because we are so busy we don’t have the time to dream…

or maybe we think about them. but we have no idea how and we definitely don’t want to do it alone.

maybe we are so isolated and disconnected and in such desperate need for community that we ourselves need a rescue team?

are we not lonely?

are we not isolated?

are we not sick and tired of social media and its false representation of community?

don’t we need each other?

don’t we need to be in each other’s homes?

sharing our stories?

sharing our resources?

letting other people carry and help us with pain in our lives?

were we meant to live isolated lives?

even our nuclear families have become so isolated.

 i guess i’m wondering, what if we became a force together? an extended family of community that with all its varying parts and resources had the capacity to dream and change something in our city?

there is a deep. i’m telling you a deep aching in my heart to be a part of something bigger than myself. and i’m just assuming that if i feel this way, other people do too.

we need each other. and there are hurting places in our cities that need us.

and perhaps we need them too.

 of course dreams like this have the tendency to come across “idealistic”. but ben and i have been opening up our home for the last 3 years inviting people into our lives hoping to create an extended family of community. ….its actually working.

and we quite simply are just trying. trying to practice living like Jesus would live if he were in kansas city.

you can’t deny that Jesus spent his life with people and fixing what was broken.

i want a life like that.

i want to help fix what is broken.

so here is our journey. i’m letting you in.

our journey into community and our fight to put our hands to something in kansas city.

and its got to be normal for us. its got to fit into our schedules some how of sending kids off to school, going to work, making dinner and all of the necessary components of our day. we’ve got to stop talking about what should be and just do something. anything. say yes to something.

for us its starting with a little neighborhood called ivanhoe.

i’ll leave you with a levi’s commercial that someone recently played for us. it has Jesus all over it.


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