sweet potato pie

i never had sweet potato pie before last friday.

and i’m wondering why we all don’t have it more often. that stuff is goood.

so much so i was about to ask the man behind the table.

“uhm excuse me. (nervous giggle) but, can i taste all the pies?”

after the pie tasting we migrated over to the playground where children were coming from all over.

no parents. just children.

we all took turns talking to them. pushing them on the swings. making them laugh.

most of the kids were too little to push themselves on the swings. they continued to ask us to push them. with the exception of one quiet little boy. when we asked if he wanted us to push him, he wouldn’t respond.

sweet thing.

we pushed him anyway. he tried to hold back a wide smile… but we could see it 😉

ben was playing football with the boys. they didn’t want us to leave.

and in some weird way it felt as though we belonged there.

ivanhoe has left quite the imprint on our hearts because we will be back again on friday.

at the playground. this time, we will bring a picnic.

20130927_180804 20130927_180833 20130927_190531 20130927_191451


4 thoughts on “sweet potato pie

  1. Bahahaha that oldest boy’s shirt (in the last pic) is awesome! Also, I love that one of your labels is “snakes” and that it’s one of your bigger (and therefore more-blogged-about) labels. Also, I love that you love Ivanhoe. I can’t wait to see what God is doing in Ivanhoe and in the Myers. P.S. I want to eat a piece of Samuel Pie.

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